Mini Bruschettas

These take a little pre-planning, and a little super multi-tasking prep beforehand, but you could always get the toppings ready in little bowls, and even pre-cook certain toppings a few hours ahead, such as the onions or the tomatoes to make things easy. One’s things for sure, they’re really cute, and really delicious!

For the bruschettas (baguette version)

Personally, I would prepare the toppings first — they’ll be given some heat again once they’re popped in at the end on top of the baguette slices.


A. Red onion and Gorgonzola

1 small red onion, sliced (not small cubes/chunks)
1 tsp of brown sugar

In a frying pan, heat some olive oil and add the onion, put it on low heat. After they are starting to get some colour on them, add the brown sugar on top and stir until it dissolves. Continue cooking until caramelised.

Crumble the Gorgonzola into small pieces. When ready with the rest, assemble

B. Tomato and mozzarella

About eight cherry tomatoes still on its vine (or feel free to have more just as a tasty snack!)

In a preheated oven of about 200 degrees centigrade, pop the cherry tomatoes in, drizzled in some olive oil in a roasting tin for about ten minutes or until you can see they are becoming soft and squishy on the inside, and the skin is wrinkling a little on the outside.

Chop the mozzarella into thin pieces, then cube them into smaller chunks. When ready, assemble onto bruschetta slices.

C. Chorizo and orange pepper

About eight chunky slices of cooking chorizosome slices of orange pepper, to be chopped into little squares after cooking (adjust so that it comes out to about two squares for each slice — this came to three slices for four bruschettas for me)

In a preheated oven of about 200 degrees centigrade, pop the pepper slices in a tin with a drizzle of olive oil for about ten minutes. If you like to give them some colour, feel free to use a griddle pan on the outer side. Slice into little cubes.

Meanwhile, in a frying pan, fry the chorizo until the pan becomes covered in the orange oil from the sausage and the surface of the chorizo becomes crispy looking.


For the actual bruschetta pieces

1 small baguette in slices about 1 inch thick (you know, the mini ones…but nothing’s stopping you if you want the normal, larger sized ones to make many mini slices of heaven)

Olive oil (you will become well acquainted by the end)

Good quality balsamic vinegar (optional) (or a sticky glaze version; the gloopier, the better)

One large clove of garlic, with one side sliced off (optional…though personally, I wouldn’t not use it)

I personally used a griddle pan which worked really nicely, rather than a grill but really all you have to do is follow the same method for the grill, and just flip them over like you would in the pan.

With your sliced baguette, cover both sides in oil so that the bread is sticky on the sides. Add to a heated griddle pan, flipping them over after about two minutes on the first side (shorter or longer, depending on your pan and hob). Take them off the heat, and use that garlic clove to rub the exposed, sliced part against one side of the bread (you can skip this if you’re garlic-phobic and/or a vampire)

Assemble your toppings as you wish on the garlic-ified side. Then, drizzle some olive oil over them again, and perhaps some balsamic if using (particularly good for the tomato and mozzarella, though balsamic vinegar is always welcome in our household for anything)

In an oven preheated to about 160-180 degrees centigrade, pop your bruschettas onto a wire rack on top of a bake tray and cook for a little while — my chosen marker was when the cheese had melted. If you aren’t using any cheese for your toppings, then perhaps stick with two to three minutes. Plate up, and enjoy!


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