3 Ingredient Baby Back Rib Rack


Yup, that’s right. 3 ingredients. Baby back rib rack, oyster sauce and hoi sin sauce. It’s as easy as that, and you get a delicious lunch (or snack!) for your efforts. There’s admittedly two parts to this recipe — boiling, and then grilling, but the first part can easily be done in advance, even the night before or something and just kept in the fridge, so it’s not particularly difficult.


These delicious ribs are first boiled in hot water as a whole rack (though I split mine in two to make things easier) for a little while, then taken out, drained and absolutely coated in the two sauces for a salty, tangy flavour that intensifies as you cook it up on the BBQ.


It’s so hot right now that it’s nice to make simple things that don’t take much effort, but don’t scrimp on the flavour. I served these as they are, with just a side of sliced avocado and my ‘rainbow’ cabbage salad. Delicious.


So, shall we get started? πŸ™‚
Serves 3-4 as a snack, 2 for a light lunch alongside a salad etc. Obviously just double or triple as needed dependent on people and/or whether you want lunch or dinner!

1 rack of baby back ribs
60ml of oyster sauce
60 ml of hoi sin sauce

Heat up a large pot of water, bringing it to the boil. Once hot, add the ribs. Feel free to add any peppercorns if you have some. Cook for about twenty minutes, dependent on size. Mine were fairly small, the ribs being about the length of my hand. If they’re big, they’ll need longer in the water.

Once done, turn off heat and drain, letting the ribs cool on some paper towels to drain any excess liquid. Pour over the two sauces and coat the ribs thoroughly. At this point, you can either cook them immediately, or if need be, pop them in the fridge and use them the next day when you need them.


When ready to cook, heat up the BBQ on high heat. Grill the ribs lightly until a nice char builds up on their outside, and the coating becomes thick and sticky from the heat. I took about eight minutes, but they could have used even longer for more of a colour on them.

Plate up, and enjoy!



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