Lemon Curd and Poppy Seed Meringue Layer Cake


I’ve talked about how I’m not much of a baker on here before. I really don’t think I’m that great at it either. Icing a cake is like torture for me, even though I am getting better at crumb-coating (hallelujah). However, now and again there’s a cake that really catches my eye and I just have to make it. There’s no two ways about it. Until I make it, it won’t get off my mind. Kinda like that mojito lime layer cake I still need to make…

This was one of those cakes. And definitely one of my most successful! How exciting! I did pretty much follow the recipe to the tee as far as I can remember though, which maybe tells me I’m right about the results of baking and trying to substitute as I usually do…


I’m afraid I won’t be sharing this recipe. I didn’t alter it in any way that I can recall, and it does come from this magazine. A quick google search didn’t yield any particular results that lead to this recipe. But I thought it was a shame to hide the photographs away…!


None of my subsequent meringues have ever been as good, sadly (meringue cupcakes though, as in cupcakes made of purely meringue, are a success–I may post about that sometime soon!)

It was pretty sweet, so it definitely wasn’t a cake you could keep eating, but for entertaining (showing off? haha) or special occasions, I’d reckon it’s worth it if you have a fairly large crowd to feed.


It’s pretty easy to layer up once you have all your ingredient. Poppy seed sponge, whipped cream, lemon curd, meringue layer and repeat. The sponges can be made in advance and popped in the fridge (I believe this can help with the crumb issue too, when setting things up), as can the meringues (though they will be a better ratio of crunchy to gooey in my opinion if they’re freshly baked). Furthermore, there’s no actual icing involved — only cream and lemon curd, leaving it as a “naked” cake. Naked’s looking pretty good to me 😉


Are you more successful in baking than cooking? Is icing as difficult as it seems to be, or am I just completely inept?


13 thoughts on “Lemon Curd and Poppy Seed Meringue Layer Cake

  1. MissLilly

    Im not very successful at any I have to say! Sometimes I can cook something really nice, baking it rarely goes successfully. Your cake looks so delicious that I feel like biting my screen 😀

    1. Emma S.

      Well, I definitely know the feeling — I managed to make some successful brownies last week and I could have cried with joy 😛 Thank you for your kind words!

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