Review; Lunch at the Sheperd, Langham


So I was a lucky girl, and got taken to lunch by my mother before we went to town and got out hair done (still getting used to mine, so much shorter than before…!), at the cute little pub called the Sheperd in Langham, Suffolk. It’s an adorable place with many little rooms with different kinds of seating. My favourite, where we sat, was where the wallpaper was a map of the local area;


See? Isn’t it gorgeous? I even found my own little village on there! I may have even done a little happy dance…(oh dear)
All prices are in GBP.

But to get on to more serious business, the food. I was absolutely ravenous, and couldn’t quite decide whilst my mother saw lamb on the specials, and was instantly decided. However, we did decide (eventually) to share an antipasti plate between the two of us.

£12.50 for two

First I have to gush about the mozzarella. Oh my gosh. SO creamy, such an interesting salty tang behind the mild flavour. I would love to know where they get it from…

Secondly, those sun blushed tomatoes. I have a little issue with tomatoes at time, particularly raw ones. But I must have a soft spot for tomatoes that have been sun blushed or sun dried; these were amazingly good with a bit of mozzarella.

The home baked bread was fluffy, and usually neither mum or I are fans of green olives but these were really lovely, so in the end both black and green olives were demolished entirely. I avoided the peppers, but mum said they were good to — they seemed to be lightly grilled on the outside, so were soft but retained a little bit of crunch, and I have nothing bad to say about the salami or the prosciutto — can’t get enough of the stuff.

I think we were a bit full after eating that, but our mains were already on their way…

I think this was around £9.50…? On the specials board.

This was mum’s choice. She’d originally wanted a quiche, and I said that I was surprised she wasn’t having the lamb — she immediately sat up a little straighter and asked, “Where?!” On the special boards, dear. I knew it would be lamb in the end, and it was; a minted lamb burger with mozzarella, chips and coleslaw. There was enough chips to feed an army, and apparently the coleslaw was great because it disappeared almost instantly.

£6.50, starter

When my calamari came, I was thanking the gods I’d chosen a starter. I was stuffed after that platter (it was meant to mainly be mine, as mum was only have a bit since she chose a main, so I’d eaten more than my fair share of that platter from the very start). But, it was so so so worth it. This calamari, served with a spicy mayo, was heavenly. None of that chewy stuff. This was super soft, tender squid coated in a case of crispy, crunchy batter and simply put, was a delight to eat. Admittedly some of the best calamari I’ve had around (and I’ve had a lot!), so props to you, Mr Chef. Well played.

So, all in all. I have nothing bad to say. The service was attentive (though it wasn’t all that busy), and the food was great, whilst the place is cute with a nice, friendly atmosphere (I want to return for steak night!) — what more could you want?

The Sheperd,
Moor Road


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