Beetroot Dip


Oh my god, the colour. I’m like a magpie, but for colour. My whole wardrobe would make Joseph’s technicolour dreamcoat jealous (I still manage to own a large amount of black clothes regardless though), and I have pretty much the same reaction towards food. The more colour, the better! Beetroot always gives such a gorgeous red-purple colour, even if it does make every kitchen look like a crime scene afterwards.


Not to mention being on constant vigilance for any spillages, for fear of a lovely red-wine looking stain cementing itself onto everything.

Nonetheless, this dip is worth the effort, ending up like a much more colourful and creamier version of hummus. We ended up making far too much. I initially served it alongside some marinated green olives, as well as some black pepper bread sticks.

Next, we served it alongside our bacon and liver meal, with turnip mash. The tahini took some getting used to alongside gravy, and the classic combo of liver and bacon, but it worked surprisingly well!

Finally, I used some in my flat bread wraps, with some pieces of grilled chicken breast pieces, and lots of cracked black pepper. There was still far too much! But, no fear, I’ve changed the quantities, so all you’re left with is a delicious dip for which you can use for a few different things. I’ll probably make it again to use a big dollop ontop of some salads!

Adapted from The Times’ Beetroot Dip Recipe

500g of beetroot, tops cut, but skin intact
150ml of tahini paste
4 garlic cloves, crushed and minced very finely
1/2 of a lemon’s juice
2 ice cubes (if necessary)
cracked black pepper

Wash the beetroot to get rid of any dirt, and trim the tops. Bring a large pot of salted water to the boil, and boil the turnips for about an hour, or until a skewer goes easily through their tender flesh. Drain, and let cool. Carefully peel the skin off (this should come off easily, if a little messy to do!).

Purée the beetroot in a blender or a food processor, until creamy and smooth — this may take a while, but chopping up the beetroot may speed things up a little. Add the tahini, garlic, and lemon juice. Continue blending until it thickens. If too oily, add the ice cubes one at a time, blending to check the effect.

Spoon into a serving bowl, and season with the black pepper.


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