Review; Dinner at the King’s Head

King's Head

So, we had dinner at our lovely local pub. About a year ago, it got new owners and quite the makeover, changing to more of a gastro-pub, rather than your everyday chill local pub. I have to say, I adore it. I’ve only been twice before, one for a Titanic-themed dinner (which was as awesome as that sounds!). The bread served is complimentary, with a mix of white and brown, with olive oil and balsamic to dip. They also serve rose lemonade, which I am now obsessed with thanks to this place. I’m such a lemonade fiend. All prices below are in GBP.


First off, we got these little nibbles. It was mainly because I begged my father to pay for having the little pork and duck bonbons, mainly because I wanted to know what the hell they were. Dad, the reasoned man he always is, decided what the hell, and ordered one of each (bar the olives) for £2.95 each. They came in sets of 3, I believe because we were 3 people, but I’m not sure what they’d do for any larger parties though.

First up, we tried the goat’s cheese and pickled walnut bites. The goat’s cheese was delicious, herby and creamy, but I’m not really sure what the point of the pickled walnuts were…they just tasted a bit soggy. A drizzle of honey might have been nicer for some sweetness against the goat’s cheese.

Then, we tried the haddock goujons with parsley aioli. These were amazing. The batter was almost more like a tempura, very light and fluffy, and the aioli was great.

Then, we came to the bonbons. They were incredibly light and fluffy, like a fishcake made of duck and pork. The meat was so finely shredded, but incredibly aromatic, and though there was obviously some potato in there, you couldn’t tell — the meat was packed in there. Mum thought they needed a sauce, but dad and I were too busy gobbling them down to complain.


My starter of lamb carpaccio with rocket + red wine jus (6.95). I’m not a lamb fan as I’ve said before, but this was lovely.


Dad chose homecured salmon with herb and samphire salad, and a caper dressing (£5.50). The dressing was a bit too salty (and I’m a salt fiend when I have the occasion), but otherwise this was lovely too.


And mum predictably chose the crab — a cromer crab timbale, cucumber, and herb dressing (£5.95). I thought it was a bit boring from what I tasted, but mum devoured it all the same. Fair play, really, since she was the one who ordered it 😛


I chose for main the British sea trout, served with cavolo nero, jersey royals and sauce vierge (£14.50). Like dad’s caper dressing, someone went a little heavy with the salt here, but lucky for them, I’m a salt fan as I mentioned, so I managed juuuust fine eating this! The cavolo nero was deliciously creamy alongside the crispness of the fish.


Dad went for the courgette and garden pea risotto with rocket (10.95). Dad’s had the risotto here so often the waiters just say, of course you are! when they take his order 😀 He likes his risotto, so I’m not really surprised this went down well.


And mum chose the rump of Suffolk lamb, fondant potato, artichoke purée, dehydrated tomato, and green pesto (16.95, I think?!) — I have to say, I’m not really sure what the dehydrated tomato added, but the meat was nicely cooked and the greens alongside it were lovely.

The place do do extra sides for around £3 each, but we always find the main courses are enough. Also, they do note on their menu that all their produce are bought freshly each day, so they remind you to bear that in mind in the event that you do not order a starter (and they are usually the stars of the night…)

We took no dessert, those nibbles had been the substitute for ours that night! All in all, the food was wonderful, the service is quick and friendly, and since it’s only down the road, I really doubt this is the last time we’ll be visiting.


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