Review; Beijing8 Dumplings; Greve Turegatan, Stockholm


We were heading for about 3 o’clock in the afternoon in the city centre of Stockholm, Sweden. It was hot and humid, and the sun was pretty relentless when we were making our way to the bank, when the sky darkened almost immediately, and soon enough, the heavens opened, like a re-enactment of a goddamn Noah and the flood.


We’ve been here before, and so, when the weather got so bad, and we were feeling hungry (and our planned steakhouse place turned out not to serve lunch!), we braved the rain and made our way over, ending up at Beijing 8 looking like drowned rats. It’s a casual, small place (there’s a few of them dotted about Stockholm), with wooden benches and tables, plus a small fridge-stand with takeaway items of dumplings, beans, and noodle salads. Taking a moment to try and dry off (and fluff our knotted manes), I took care of the ordering. My experience told me that the dumplings are better fried than steamed here, however, decided to choose one steamed (the beef one), and they seemed to have improved–the pastry wasn’t as chewy this time, but much softer. Might have been the cook, I suppose, last time.

Here you get your dumplings in sets of 3 for 29 krona, and each set can either be steamed or fried, and come with plenty of shredded cabbage and soy. We choose the duck and ginger, with cabbage, chilli, and garlic (fried); the chicken with peanuts, chilli, garlic, ginger, leek and carrot (fried); pork shiitake with cabbage, sesame and chilli (fried); and beef with chilli, coriander, cabbage, green chilli, onion and egg (steamed).

I really recommend both the pork and the ginger; I avoided the salmon this time round, because I thought they were the most disappointing from my last visit, but I couldn’t tell the chicken and the duck apart…they had nice flavours though, I guess!

Alongside, I ordered a noodle salad with shredded vegetables. It comes covered in a delicious vinegar-y sauce, which is pretty sour and salty–just the way I like it!


And finally, some edamame with sea salt.


For 3 people, with 3 soft drinks, it came to 225 SEK which comes to about 19 pounds GBP, which I think is pretty reasonable (particularly for Sweden!) and it left us comfortably full, not feeling like a stuffed beach ball. I’m pretty sure I’ll be back, particularly because I want to finally try those chocolate bao which have been calling me from the menu…


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