Salad Towers


Today was such a busy day. I feel like the second I go upstairs for bed, I’m gonna fall face first and start snoring immediately (not that I think even snore…) because I’ve been on my feet all day.

Thankfully, these weren’t all that hideous to prepare, at all. Just prepare a few different small bowls (or piles) of ingredients, press into a bowl, cover with a plate upside and down and tip over, et voila! A lovely little salad tower. I think it’s a pretty cool spin on your everyday salad (I know, I know, it’s only put in a tower, but somehow, I think it still makes a difference…particularly visually).

It’s pretty light on the flavour, with only lemon juice added to the bulgur wheat, goat’s cheese and pine nuts for extra flavour against the beetroot and texture, but the possibilities are endless…Any salad could basically go in here, just add up the ingredients layer by layer! I think I’ll be planning to do this again but in a new combo…

You could change up the bulgur wheat for another grain (maybe even rice? but quinoa would be just as yummy and nutritious as the bulgur wheat), and as for changing the vegetables, the world is yours!


No fuss, either in prep or eating (though it can fall apart a little I guess!), and it’s perfect for hot summer days. 

Serves 4. Adapted from here!

60g of bulgur wheat (or according to your packet’s instructions; my uncooked 60g produces 180g of cooked bulgur wheat)
200g of raw spinach leaves, rinsed
1 large raw beetroot, rinsed, and peeled, ends cut off
100g of white cabbage, sliced finely
5 radishes, rinsed and sliced thinly
200g of mixed leaves, rinsed; I chose endive, watercress and shredded beetroot from a ready-packet
one avocado, halved, stone removed, and cut into slices

lemon juice
salt and pepper

20g of goat’s cheese, crumbled
a few spoonfuls of pine nuts

Cook the bulgur wheat according to your packet’s instructions. Cut the beetroot into slices.

For assembling each salad tower, begin with a quarter of the mixed leaves in the bottom of a large cup or a small bowl (mine was roughly 4 inches deep, 2-3 inches tall). Then top with a fourth of the slices of beetroot, pushing down on the beetroot to press everything to the bottom. Add a fourth of the sliced cabbage, and the same for the radishes. Top with a fourth of the spinach leaves, and add a fourth of the bulgur wheat. Press down again with the back of a spoon to compress everything together a bit. Add some lemon juice over the bulgur wheat topping, and add some salt and pepper.

To top over, place your serving plate upside down, and tip the whole thing over carefully, removing the container slowly upwards. Repeat for all plates.

Just before serving, heat up a pan and dry fry the pine nuts for about a minute or so (don’t let them burn! It happens quicker than you think). Top the tower with crumbled goat’s cheese and the toasted pine nuts, plus one fourth of the avocado slices each, and serve immediately.


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