Kangaroo for Dinner?


Back to normal schedules, guys! Hence why it’s been a bit quiet all of a sudden… So I’m back to the usual post each week. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Another quick post; about a dinner we had in Sweden. ICA, the main food store found across Sweden, has a few freezer-fridges in certain shops full of slightly more unusual frozen meats. Some, such as moose and reindeer are part and parcel of life in Sweden. But, when we were browsing at the start of our holiday, we stopped to stare. They were selling…kangaroo? We left puzzled but rather interested, and a quick google search back home revealed it wasn’t all that uncommon, at least in Australia. Agreeing that we would buy some when we returned to the Stockholm area, we flash fried it in a pan to brown the meat before popping it in the oven for a bit, serving it with chimichurri sauce (oh-so-good, and it went really well with the kangaroo actually!) and skillet-browned potatoes.


I have to say, kangaroo was pretty good. Tender, and full of flavour, and like I said, paired nicely with the heat of the chimichurri sauce. I’d totally have it again sometime. Dessert was something a bit closer to home, with a blueberry mousse cake with coconut. De-lici-ous!



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