Review; Dinner at Boqueria, Stockholm


Food, like most things in Sweden, is expensive, as I’ve said before. However, dad, I and my friend decided to treat ourselves for one night, and me, being the organised neurotic leader when it comes to all things food, knew where we were going. Sorry, guys, you can choose next time.


First up, some cockatils; the Boqueria mocktail with lime and mint (like a mock mojito, my fav!) because I was a numpty and forgot my ID, though non-alcoholic is my preferred drink…and my friend with her Sangria. I wrinkle my nose because I don’t like wine, but I guess that makes me biased…

Anyway, to more pressing matters. The place is a tapas bar, something I’d hunted out on the internet as being a popular place for locals. We arrived early when it opened for dinner at 5, taking a drink in the bar before the kitchens properly opened and we could be seated. The heat made us sit inside, though the locals seemed to prefer inside, at least when we were there. The place is large inside, and also includes a torg market, a type of coffee place inside the shopping centre the restaurant opens up into. They serve lunch too, from a smaller, more compact menu. The menu consists of tapas, or a few dishes such as paella at a much higher price, though for larger groups.

The place is so huge, and when we walked past the next day at around seven, people were queuing and the place was noisy as heck. We hadn’t booked, but because we arrived so early, we were allowed a small table at the window for an hour and a half. At 7 when we walked past, the place was mobbed, so depending on the time you want to eat, booking is advisable!

The dishes come as they’re made, in quite a quick succession, so at some points, you have four dishes on the table, and then, all of a sudden, only one. I guess it’s made for sharing, really.

We chose 3 tapas each, intending to share, but to start, a charcuterie board between us.


So, a board of pata negra, Cecine de leon, Chorizo, Salchichon, and a selection of olives (225 SEK). The two first meats were my favourites, though all of the meats were fantastic in their own rights.


First up was the tuna tataki, of which we ordered two servings, at 75 SEK each. The chunks were beautiful, melting in the light vinager-y sauce, and the fried garlic slices added a great kick of flavour and crunch.


Then came the pulled pork fritters with a yoghurt dip (55 SEK). These were honest-to-god amazing. If you come here, order them. Just do it (unless you’re vegetarian or similar). They were one of the cheapest of the lot, but just fantastic.


As you can see, the fritters are genuinely bits of pulled pork. These were little bites of meat heaven. Seriously, just order them, please. Make me jealous.


Next time, the 3 langostios for 85 SEK. Wonderfully charred and flavourful, and full of garlic! 😀


Here we have the Iberico pig cheek with kantareller (95 SEK). I thought this was a bit of a washout personally, especially for the price, but my friend was the one who ordered it, she liked it enough, so that was good enough for me too!


Dad and I got a bit excited at the mention of pulpo bebe with mojo cilantro, for 65 SEK. Unfortunately, this was pretty much the only true disappointment. We thought we would get baby octopus, not quite, but that’s alright. However, whoever cooked it had overestimated quite a bit, and we were left with pretty chewy, sold octopus, but the carrot purée and vegetable mix on top went well with it. Pity the cooking let it down.


Did look pretty good though…!


Next we had our vongole con pimientos (85 SEK). These were glorious, and the sauce was amazing. I said to my fellow diners it was a pity we hadn’t ordered any bread at the start; all the sauces, such as this one in particular, would have been to mop up with a slice of bread. They agreed, so I do recommend ordering some for 20 SEK. I made do with a spoon 😛


Finally, we received two portions of veal sweetbreads (pancreas!) with broad beans and summer truffle because we were so keen on trying it (95 SEK each). The sweetbreads were awesome, but I’m not a fan of beans, but my dad loved them; mixed reviews there. The sweetbreads themselves were crisp on the outside, smooth and creamy on the inside. Another conversion here! 😀

For dessert, only my friend and I volunteered. I immediately made a beeline for the crema catalana.


The hint of orange underneath was divine. Creamy, but lighter than a crème brulee I thought. Basic, but satisfying.


My friend at first insisted she didn’t want a dessert, which…yeah, right. She’s a sweet tooth one. I pointed out that surely she’d go for the licorice, lemon and meringue dessert. She immediately said, yes! Not much convincing needed there…A beautiful dessert consisting of a licorice cream-ice cream dessert like thing where the licorice flavour was not at all over-powering, but became stronger once you swallowed it. Beside was chunks of meringue and pools of lemon curd with biscuit.

I think both desserts cost somewhere in the region of around 60-70 SEK? Forgot to write it down in all the excitement.

Overall, it wasn’t the cheapest place around, which we knew. We probably could have ordered only two tapas plates each, or cut down on the doubles (haha, no way!), but as a treat, it was fantastic. The octopus was a slightly disappointment, but in no way did it ruin an otherwise fantastic night at Boqueria. Highly recommended!


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