Turkey Milanese


My dad can say he loves fish all he wants (and he does), but he is such a steak kind of guy. Chicken might as well be a vegetable to him. Lamb? Doesn’t count. Pork? Only if it’s belly. Otherwise, it’s meat all the way–particularly of the steak kind. Surprise, surprise, turkey is an obscenity to him.

Since we don’t even have it for Christmas (turkey dinner is not a tradition, AT ALL), and I only ever experienced the usually-dry kind served at school dinners before the break up for holidays, I just haven’t had turkey very often at all. But, I have to say, I was intrigued when I was flicking through Jamie Oliver’s website recipes, as I am wont to do when I seem to be uninspired (that’s not a slight against his website btw, I love the variety he has on there from all his cookbooks!)


It feels like a very rustic Italian recipe (by Jamie’s mentor, Genaro Contaldo in fact), and it does take a bit effort, but if you fall in love with this dish (like we did), and made it again I think it would get easier. It’s a little fiddly, bread-crumbing the turkey escalopes (the recipe calls for turkey breast, but I used escalopes for a flatter cut, and bashed them even thinner), wrapping in cheese and ham, before bread-crumbing them again. But it cooks beautifully (golden brown is fine, don’t overbrown them!)

Also, if you can, use the truffle oil on top of the egg. I always thought it sounded..well, a little pretentious, but it tastes very well here.


Intrigued? Recipe from here!


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