Feathered Friends with the Gamekeeper’s Daughter at the Mistley Kitchen


Another day, another great workshop; this time, with the gamekeeper’s daughter, Jessica Noy, focusing on various wild birds and game with pheasant, pigeon and venison. My family and I actually had dinner planned that evening, and I’m surprised I managed to eat anything considering I had lunch plus a three course meal (plus a delicious pâté to take home) at the workshop…my poor, overworked stomach! So, once more, I thought I’d share some of my photos from the day.


After making a mess plucking the pheasants and the pigeons, and creating a tornado of feathers everywhere, we got to work on making this delicious pâté made from pheasant livers (picture taken later at home, served with some toasted mixed seed sourdough (not home-made sadly sadly)). I never knew making pâté would be that easy! I’m considering changing my plans for the chicken livers in the fridge right now….


A lunch of sliced pigeon breast on mixed leaves, topped with pickled blackberries, blackberry vinaigrette, crispy bacon pieces and chopped toasted hazelnuts–definitely making this again!


Marinating a venison loin with garlic, olive oil, and crushed juniper berries.


Going through the steps to make a raspberry vinegar.


Browning pheasants in an oven tray on the hob, before popping them into the oven.


Prepping for our dessert; individual tarte tatins–I thought this was a great idea; a simpler way by wrapping the pears in puff pastry, before browning them in the pan with sugar and butter that’s melted into caramel, before putting them into the oven for ten minutes or so.


I also thought this was a great way of making a lighter potato dauphinoise; alternating the layers of potato with celeriac slices. Delicious.


Our final creation; a (giant) starter of venison carpaccio (seared super quickly, and then bundled in clingfilm before put into the freezer, then sliced) with a lemon dressing, capers, rocket & parmesan.


And for main course (I’m starting to expand like a balloon by this point); roast pheasant, celeriac & potato dauphinoise, kale in a whiskey spiced gravy. Not everyone was convinced by the kale, but I was converted long ago so I had no problems whatsoever here…and I was definitely thankful that the celeriac made the dauphinoise lighter. As for the main star, the pheasant? Wonderful, definitely will be experimenting to twist this around–that sauce, man.


And finally, a wonderful twist on the pear tarte-tartin, served with vanilla crème fraîche. The pear with the thinner pastry meant a crispier base, so I’ll bear that in mind for the next time I come to this recipe, since I’m eyeing up the apples we picked from our apple tree a few days ago…

Although I’d argue I didn’t learn as much new stuff as I have in some previous workshops (though I know far more about game than I know about, say, bread so that’s pretty much a moot point anyway), but I had such a good day, and by the end of the evening with having gone to dinner with my parents, I’d eaten more food than I thought humanly possible!



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