Review; Lunch at the Sun Inn, Dedham, Essex


This is a pub (the fancier gastro kind mind you) that’s fairly local, in that it lies in a village/small town not to far from my own little village, and you can walk a few miles along the river to get to it, crossing the border between Suffolk and Essex. Basically, you get to exercise for your food! If EB is full of gingerbread little houses, Dedham have beautiful town houses, more like Georgian style in various colours along the small streets. Like EB, there’s a few pubs, three if I’m not mistaken, plus a tearoom and a lunch place, but the Sun Inn is where we remain faithful to.

Above is my usual, the antipasto platter–they change these regularly, often every few weeks (the menu itself rotates every single day depending on fresh produce), and can be served for just one or for a few people. For one, it makes a perfect light lunch. Here we have parma ham, the most amazing oiled anchovies, tomato bruschetta, pulled lamb bites (delicious), wild black mushroom bruschetta, and country salami. Often in the months of availability, you also get oysters in various styles; I really recommend them.


My friends both took the English classic–a country ploughman’s each, a cheese board with chutney and pickled vegetables and plenty of fresh, fluffy, home-baked bread.


And my father took on the role of my mother in having the crab with tomato bruschetta. Hidden behind the tomatoes was a second pile of crab just visible there, so there was plenty enough from just a starter portion. The sizes are pretty generous! The dishes cost around £7-12, so it’s not the worst price ever for a good amount of lovely food.

The Sun Inn
High Street

01206 323351

Their website.


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