Review; Dinner at the King’s Head (Yet Again)


Yeah, okay, I went to the King’s Head again (I promise I’m not paid by them!), it just so happens that they’re only just down my street and they consistently serve such good food that my parents usually take me here when I visit from university, just as a little treat for some time for all three of us (as I write, we have another visit booked…)

Since the new owners of the place took over, I have to say, this place serves some of the most consistently good food around in Suffolk. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dish that was anywhere near average. Everything is pretty well thought out (even if not always to my direct taste), and the standard is most often excellent.

So, without further ado–above, a beautiful pea panna cotta starter. I thought this was a wonderful idea, and considering I despise peas with the fervour of a fussy two-year old at the dinner table, I’d say the fact that I liked it says a lot about the dish! Beautiful flavours, beautiful presentation.


Above, a duck, cabbage and potato fondant main. Very generous portion of duck, could have had it a little pinker but considering I’m that person who likes her steak on the side of uncooked, that may just be me talking. It was still pretty rare for a restaurant in my opinion.


Here the pearl barley risotto and scallop main (also served as a starter) — I’m not usually a fan of pearl barley at all, but this was beautifully creamy and paired with the scallops so well. Scallops were not at all overcooked at all either.


And what did dad have? Risotto, of course. Courgette and rocket risotto. Good as always, whoever’s making the risotto in the kitchen is a risotto master.


And, to end, a lemon curd and meringue deconstruction, with chocolate sorbet. I found the sorbet taste a little odd, but I’ve never been a fan of chocolate ice-cream, or even chocolate itself…The meringue was amazingly melt-in-the-mouth though. All in all, another great night at the King’s Head, East Bergholt.

Contact & Address:
King’s Head, Burnt Oak, East Bergholt, Colchester
01206 298190


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