Dinner at Vinotheque, St. Julian’s, Malta.


Yes, I realise we’re talking a long time ago. Like, months ago. But you know, I realised I hadn’t posted these gorgeous pictures, and it’s bitterly cold and the frost seems to bite your cheeks and nose when you’re out, so what better time for a little reminiscing on sun and summer? (more on sun in a minute, in case you’ve noticed I’ve been quiet for a little while now).

So, without further ado, I present these gorgeous plates from a wonderful evening at a restaurant from our summer trip to Malta. Vinotheque utilises the French style of cooking, and though we returned for a second night and it was much less successful (it was a sort of grill/buffet evening, probably where we went wrong there), this first trip was utterly delightful from start to finish.


First up, I chose rabbit livers on brioche. Too much goodness, seriously. Plating, unless at one of those swanky-slate-plate-types of places, is usually incredibly generous in Malta. But, in this case, I didn’t hesitate to scrape the plate clean. So creamy, so indulgent.

(I would regret it in the end not really.)


Dad chose the chicken liver pate, with toasted brioche. Again, very generous with three thick slices of the pate. Again, creamy and rich, but delicious.


Mum chose a lighter starter (very wise) and went for the special, beef carpaccio. Look at those colours! I have to say, most places in Malta do a very good beef carpaccio. Clearly a favourite around the island, and when the quality is like this 99.9% of the time, I can definitely see why.


And for the mains. Oh, boy. This first trip happened to coincide with a special lobster-centred menu, and all 3 of us chose from that menu for our mains. Dad and I both went for this risotto with two gigantic claws. I honestly could not finish my plate for the life of me–it’s the one fault I find with Malta, the portions are entirely too big! However, I presume that’s precisely how the Maltese like it…


And for my mother, the lobster spaghetti. Simply beautiful, and again, a wiser portion size decision. Despite the less successful second try, this restaurant honestly impressed me so much. A little quirky, with the décor clearly mimicking the interior of a French bistro, service was great, and the food was phenomenal. What more do you want?


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