Captain Kirk’s Seafood, Downtown Naples, FL.


As I’ve mentioned before, there was so much food and sweet treats and just generally delicious things on my most recent trip to the USA just before Christmas, that I’m not doing a one-by-one posting schedule (if you’re interested, however, I totally recommend checking out my instagram feed!).

But, this place is worth a special mention. Most people were confused/surprised at the thought of  a Naples in Florida, but those who did know the place almost always mentioned one thing; stone crabs.

Now, I’m totally a seafood person. I can’t get enough of it. It’s amazing. But crab? It’s great, it just doesn’t seem to taste of all that much. I guess it’s just in comparison to other types of seafood that makes me not get all that excited about crab.


But was I really going to say no these amazingly huge jumbo stone crab claws?

Um, yeah. Of course I wasn’t!

Course’, it wasn’t cheap (at all). But was it worth it? Definitely. Massive crab claws (seriously, huge, like the size of my whole hand), plus a deliciously sweet-sour mustardy sauce to go alongside. Yes.


On top of that, I couldn’t resist sampling a little of their (rather reasonably priced) seafood bisque (plenty of crab was in there too!), since a cup of it was like less than 7 dollars or something. Superb. If you are ever in the Naples area, then yes, I too will totally recommend you try the stone crabs, even if just once!


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