Recipe goals for this season

I’ve been thinking a little about what I’d really like to make this year as I was making caramel for the first time (it was a sucess! …eventually), and as a sort of incentive to get going through the endless tabs and folders and saved-as-favourites of recipes that I have, I want to make a list of things I really want to have a go at, and ultimately succeed in making.

1. Make the Courtesan au Chocolat pastries as seen in ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

I know, I’m a bit late on the scene. But this isn’t coming from a desire to change it up or anything, or even try and get a handle on creating the recipe since countless others already have a long time ago–however, I do want to give it a shot because a) I recently watched that film, and thought it brilliant, b) it looks fun and rather cute, and c) I want to give choux pastry another go.

I made some (successfully) with my mother when I was still quite young, because I’d begged and begged and begged we’d make some because I was a profiterole fiend back then and she would always mention making them herself years ago. So, we finally did and I hated it — specifically, the smell of making choux pastry. It put me right off them for some reason, and made me think they were disgusting for the longest time. Rather over-dramatic, I think these days, but clearly I was not a fan since I refused to even eat the finished creations. So, let’s forgive and forget and have another shot at it.

2. Make salted caramel sauce.

Image from

I mentioned above I made a caramel sauce, which is all well and true, and it turned out fine in the end, using only sugar and milk. Now, I want to go for the real thing. Since making the former wasn’t so bad, I’m hoping I won’t be completely useless at giving this a go.

3. Make baked french fries (or any baked root vegetable crisp-like thing)

I’ve tried my hand at making beetroot crisps, sweet potato crisps, golden betroot crisps, sweet potato fries…most of them have gone awfully. Like, not even disappointing, just flat-out bad. Bar the last one, but even then most ended up still soggy, with only a handful nice and crunchy. So, I’d love to give something like this a go, because I will succeed, dammit!

4. Get my baking game on with sheet cakes.

Ah, the wormhole that is the SORTED: food youtube channel. I got recommend them by a friend, and one day I found myself spending most of my time just going through pretty much their entire playlist…(sad). But hey ho, it’s given me plenty of recipe inspiration, particularly in regards to baking, which I really want to shape up this year anyway, and beyond just pretty choux pastries.

So, for starters, I really want to start making more sheetcakes. Not so much to master because they’re pretty damn easy, but so versatile, which is something I just love about them, so I think I’ll start off with the one above and go from there…

5. Create this amazing looking Brazilian Chocolate Caramel Pavê

I mean, caramel…hello, I’m there. This looks SO good, I can already tell I will be making my family fat this year. Too bad 😉

6. Make a magic custard cake

How awesome are these? In case you already didn’t know, magic custard cakes is when you cook a single cake and end up with ‘three cakes’, since as the cake cooks it makes up three layers; one spongey, one chewy (usually), and another like a dense custard. So whether I’m making the one above there, or the matcha custard cake by raspberricupcakes, I wanna be making some magic!

I guess I might keep adding to this, as I keep thinking of things. If you have any suggestions for things I have to master, let me know!


2 thoughts on “Recipe goals for this season

  1. crazy8

    I love the idea of a recipe goal. Gonna have to figure out what we want to try here. My dh makes the best baked fries. He has made them for years but until recently they were a bit soggy, I guess would be the word. Recently he changed it up a bit and now fries them for a few seconds before baking them. They end up so crispy. Pretty sure you mean to get away from frying but just thought I would share. Have a great day and thanks for the idea.

    1. Emma S.

      No that’s awesome, thank you — if I continue being so desperately unsuccessful as I have been with root veg, I’ll def give frying + baking a try! Thanks for stopping by, hope you manage to achieve some of your own recipe goals 🙂

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