Fig, goat’s cheese & rocket pizza

fig pizzass

I am so over store-bought pizzas. I guess I should be saying I’m over a lot of store-bought pizzas, but store-bought pizzas are just depressing me lately. Soggy crust, or just plain uncooked and floury, too much toppings or too little, not enough crunch, not enough flavour–no thanks.

Thankfully, what I am so into at the moment, is making my own pizzas. Okay, I cheat a little because I usually use a pre-made base (basically, I buy a frozen pizza dough which you defrost and roll out yourself — if you’re in the UK, I really recommend this company, since my dough always comes out crispy, it only takes four hours to defrost on the counter-top, or 12 in the fridge, there’s no icky flour mixture for me to freak out over (I have a phobia of the texture of flour), and they have interesting flavour combos–chilli is the next on my list). But, hey, we all cheat a little sometimes, and this way things work out the best for our family.

If, however, you’re interested in being a champ of pizza, here’s a recipe to make your own, which I’ve shared before as I think it’s pretty good (makes a heck of a lot of dough though, so keep that in mind!)


Ever since my summer of dairy basically being a full on no-no for my body, I’ve been loving cheeseless and tomato-sauce less pizzas. I’ve found some pretty great lactose-free cheeses since then, even soy varieties, that I think are pretty good, but I am really loving the delicate flavour combos you can get by getting rid of the classic margherita base of cheese and passata.

This uses goat’s cheese, which I think is under-rated in general anyway, and I used a classic pairing with figs (which I had forgotten just how delicious they are, particularly after they spend some time in a hot oven!), and topped with fresh rocket once out the oven. I imagine drizzling honey over would make it even better, pity I hadn’t thought of that at the time…

Serves 2 for lunch or a light dinner. 

1 pizza base (see above)
75g, or more, of crumbled goat’s cheese
4 small figs, stalk removed and sliced
large handful of rocket
drizzle of honey (if you like!)

Preheat the oven to 240 degrees C. Flour a kitchen surface, rolling pin and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper (unless you have a pizza stone, you lucky thing, in which case, shove it in the oven to get hot!)

Roll out your dough until it’s less than half-an inch thick, top with the goat’s cheese and figs liberally. Remember that the more toppings, the less it will be able to crisp up so don’t overload it.

Bake for about 8-14 minutes, until the edges are crisp and golden brown. Top with rocket, honey if using, cut up and serve.


3 thoughts on “Fig, goat’s cheese & rocket pizza

  1. opheliehue

    I will definitely try this when figs are (kind of) back in season, not that they grow here in the Netherlands anyway! Looks delicious and likewise, I’ve had to say goodbye to dairy in the last year, so alternative pizza’s are fantastic!

      1. opheliehue

        and thanks for liking my post 🙂
        Topped flatbread, alternative pizza, it’s all good! I like to make a sort of garlic pizza bread but topped with spinach, it goes slightly crispy in the oven and is totally delicious 🙂

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