Garlicky roasted hasselback potatoes with rosemary


Hasselbackar are a familiar sight in lieu of the humble roasted potato at Swedish dinner tables. The potatoes are sliced nearly to the bottom throughout, so you get individual crisp slices of potato after cooking, and are often sprinkled with some cheese just before the end to add a little something more. This time, I’ve kept things a little cleaner, with the classical combo of garlic and rosemary.

The smell of garlic coming from the oven when these were in there was heavenly — if you’re a one clove kind of person, this is probably not the recipe for you 😛


It’s not a difficult concept, it’s just a little fiddly. The results are definitely worth it though.

It’s best to choose a waxy potato, like russets for this recipe. The recipe itself is simple;

Slice the potatoes very thinly (as thinly as you can), without reaching the bottom. If you manage to do so and cut it completely off, not to worry, just assemble them as close as you can together in the greased dish you’re baking them in.

Slice a few cloves of garlic (I basically did nearly one full clove for each potato, but it depends on how large your potatoes are) very thinly, and rinse and pluck the rosemary in small sprigs. Insert a few slithers of garlic in between every odd slice of potato or so. Do the same with the rosemary. Season with salt and olive oil.

Cook in the oven at 220 degrees centigrade for about 50 minutes. If they brown too quickly, cover the dish with two layers of foil. About forty minutes in, brush with more olive oil to allow the slices to crisp up further.

And there you go! A perfect alternative to the roast potato.


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