Trip to Maui, HI & Los Angeles, CA 2015


This Easter vacation I was taken along with the family on my parents dream vacation, particularly that of my mother’s to Hawaii and specifically, the island of Maui, with the route back home stopping in L.A. to visit family, the sights and whatnot, of course.

Maui was and was not what I was expecting; there’s the beaches and palm trees of course, with deep blue seas, but the island is as a whole very lush and green and mountainous, with one area looking like the African Savannah, the next a drier version of a South American rainforest, and yet another looking like a northern European pine forest…it’s a very diverse place in terms of nature, and if you ever get a chance to go, I really recommend doing tours of the island that include the forests, the waterfalls and so on, since I’ve certainly never seen anything quite like it!

Naturally, this isn’t at all, all the photos — there’s too many! — but keep an eye out for them on my two tumblr feeds,, and

DSC_5534DSC_5724  DSC_5573 DSC_5549 DSC_5776-2 DSC_5590 DSC_5594  DSC_5596DSC_5588DSC_5786 DSC_5785 DSC_5790   DSC_5799DSC_5286-2DSC_5375-2 DSC_5372-2 DSC_5369-2


4 thoughts on “Trip to Maui, HI & Los Angeles, CA 2015

  1. sabine

    Watching your photos of sun and palm trees while having had some snow today in the South of Germany makes be believe in the warmer seasons again – they do exist, but not here 🙂 , at least not now!

    1. Emma S.

      I totally know what you mean, the skies back here in England are covered by seemingly impenetrable clouds — the sun exists somewhere behind there, but you wouldn’t know it right now!

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