I am a 21 year old Swede who has never lived in said country, having made home across Europe since I was born. I’m often found on tumblr (link below) but I figured I should have a place to post my recipes for anyone who wanted them, and that’s how this blog came to be and slowly began taking over my life.

Basically, I’m cooking on the go in between home, university and all that travelling that comes from having two parents working, living and breathing the airline industry.

Twitter: @holycrabness
Instagram: @emmasarahax
Tumblr: holycrabness.tumblr.com
Photography portfolio: holycrabnessportfolio.tumblr.com


It started with, of all things, Ice Age. In the fourth (?) film, one line from Sid the sloth, when they meet a giant crab from the ocean is “Holy crab!” (I’m such a sucker for puns). That night, we ate crab. On tumblr, holycrab was already taken. I started thinking around it, and was thinking of goodness, crabness and…–dear reader, I don’t even know any more. But basically, I’ve gotten so used to the name holycrabness over the year I’ve had it, so I’ve stuck with it.


29 thoughts on “About

    1. Emma S.

      At the moment, I have a Nikon D3100; I’ve had it for a few years now, and am looking (hoping) for an upgrade to the D5000 series. But, for now it’s just my little old D3100 and the usual 18-55mm lens, HTH!

  1. topa

    Wow, what a beautiful blog, so thanks for stopping by on mine! You are very talented! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂 Corina

  2. Kate

    Hey! I really enjoyed reading your blog, so I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award.


    For some this award nomination procedure maybe like sending chain letters like we did in elementary. You can simply ignore this post and decline it or you can embrace it as an opportunity to get in touch, maybe build a community and show fellow bloggers you like what they are doing.

    Greetings from Austria! Kate

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