Rosewater and cardamom brownies


I do love brownies. I may not be the biggest super fan of chocolate, but I will probably always say ‘yes’ to a good brownie. Especially the gooey-inside // flaky-outside variety. How could you say no to that?

Then there’s the addition of rosewater chocolate frosting (optional, but tasty) based on a recipe from the Kitchn, and chopped pistachios and rose petals for decoration (again, optional, but also tasty) which essentially makes these brownies into a rather fancy dessert .


This brownie recipe comes from an adaptation of Iambaker’s recipe that mimics that of a boxed brownie mix (you can find the recipe here). It uses cocoa powder, rather than chocolate, but that doesn’t mean dry brownies. In fact, this is probably where oven temperatures and how long you bake the brownies have more impact on making dry brownies than the cocoa powder. Therefore, in this instance, it’s probably better (and tastier!) to be on the side of under-baking your brownies than over-baking brownies, because dry brownies are also sad brownies. Not even frosting can totally make up for sad brownies.

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Blueberry brownies

So I’m not just on a baking spree, but also a brownie/chocolate-themed baking spree, which is exciting for me — not really because of the chocolate part, (I’m not one of those people who’d go crazy for a piece of chocolate — I could probably forget its existence if I had the chance…!) but because my history of baking chocolate-y things is not so great. Or at least the results weren’t. Unless it came from a boxed brownie mix, the results were never much to shout about.

This is sort of-maybe-just kind of cheating, since this is at once both a brownie, but also very close to a Swedish favourite of mine; kladdkaka, which, if done correctly to my judgement, is like a giant cake version of the most gooey, wonderfully unbaked brownie, usually dusted with icing sugar and served with whipped cream. I just mentioned that I’m not a chocolate person, and I stand by that, but even childhood me (who was a lot less tolerant of chocolate than I am now, in fact) would sell a piece of her soul for kladdkaka, especially the fresh-out-the-oven, homemade version. So this, combined with the fresh bursts of blueberry flavour, is like a dream.

Note; to make sure the blueberries don’t sink to the bottom of the batter whilst baking, I coat the blueberries in 1tsp of flour and 1tsp of icing sugar (see the recipe for more details). Don’t worry about the flour, because after baking, you couldn’t tell that there was any flour (or icing sugar, for that matter!) around them in the first place!

Makes about 12 large brownies.  Read More

Salted butter mint brownies

So, we need to talk about salted butter for a moment. I’m sure most of us know that the large majority of recipes call for unsalted butter,so that you can then control the salt in your baked goods, but in this case, the saltiness is a perfect addition to the richness of an otherwise classic brownie recipe, and adding the mint as last minute idea totally worked out in my favour, since it too works well with the chocolatey-fudgey taste.

On top of all that, this is such a simple brownie recipe without the need for a boxed mix. Overall it takes very little effort, and if you’re not feeling the idea of mint, it’s fine to just skip it (or change it for another essence, perhaps — like almond, maybe?)

Makes roughly 12 brownies
Adapted from here.
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Matcha white chocolate macadamia nut brownies

green tea brownies

Let me talk about these brownies. No recipe, unfortunately, because I stuck to the recipe from Jamie Oliver’s magazine (the issue 54, if I don’t have that wildly incorrect), and I did follow that recipe pretty much to the T, bar nearly tripling the cooking time (umm, weird).

No, seriously, it said like twenty-thirty minutes. I was a little dubious because some brownies can take far longer when they’re not the packet-mix version, but my dish was pretty big too so the batter wasn’t all that thick or anything…and they just did not cook. They really refused to. I was going back and forth every five, and eventually every ten minutes, until they finally decided to rest in that wonderfully gooey-sticky but firm stage. I’m so glad I persevered.

matcha brownies

Yup, this one’s a keeper.