Sea bream in ‘crazy water’

I can’t tell you why this dish is called sea bream in ‘crazy water’. Even when I tried to do a little digging via the internet, there were only articles that repeated the question surrounding the name. I can tell you, however, that this is a very good dish, with simple and clean (no crazy) flavours. Just good fresh fish, amped up a bit with garlic, parsley, tomatoes, and chilli. This dish has little to it, but you don’t need a dictionary’s worth of ingredients to make something good.

Serves 2-3, as a light dinner.

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Gochujang chicken wings with sesame quick pickled cucumbers


Does my blog need yet another chicken wing recipe? Admittedly, the answer’s probably no, but here we are. These recipes are quick, easy and the results are delicious, and this one’s no exception–pop the into the oven, make the easy gochujang-based sauce whilst the wings cook, and then gobble them up. So what more could you ask for really?

These wings are somewhat spicy, sightly tangy, and we chose to serve them as they are with just a quick sesame cucumber pickle, to take the edge off that heat.

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Harissa & rose water chicken wings with spicy mint yoghurt dip


My family just loves wings. Partly because they’re usually pretty quick and easy, unless you’re going down the fried route (and even that doesn’t necessarily take too long), but mostly because they’re delicious of course. If you’re a person who hates eating meat on the bone, then there might be a problem. But in my opinion, you should try and change that hatred, cause so far you’re actually doing yourself a disfavour and missing out big time.


These wings are an awesome combo of spicy, sweet and sticky. The rose water is mild, like a slight afternote, so there’s no soapy flavour here at all. If it really messes with your mind to have rose water in this dish, leave it out, I guess…though I do recommend you give it a go, just the once.

Serves 2-3, as a light lunch
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Sweet Chilli Oven-Baked Crispy Chicken Wings


Crispy chicken. Like fried chicken. Without the frying process. Yeah, I’m pretty excited, but I’ll stop with the whole full stop thing now. It’s just that, I love making fried things even if they aren’t the epitome of health, however, I pretty much hate the frying process. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I love the fried product! But not so much the splattering hot oil everywhere…

So. Here’s a pretty damn good compromise. Just like you would with fried chicken, we keep the soaked-in-buttermilk process to keep the meat nice and moist inside when cooking, and then we coat them in panko breadcrumbs, and pop them in the oven to get crisped up. I promise you, it’s like panko-fried chicken, which sounds pretty great if you ask me. If you ask me again, it tastes even better! 😛


Plus side? Oven baking obviously makes it healthier, and makes you feel full, without like a bag of lard that heavier fried foods make me feel afterwards. Result.

To make it even better, I made a sweet-spicy sauce from a few kitchen stock ingredients to make things even messier, but even more delicious. So much so that, in fact, it disappeared pretty quickly…


I’ll take that as a compliment.

Serves around 3-4 people as a light dinner or lunch, alongside accompaniments, or 5-6 as a light snack.  Read More

Spicy Crawfish Boil


Only a post of lunch today, since my dinner today was a pretty uninspired sesame tofu burger with fried rice (good, but not recipe worth at all!) — I’m doing pretty well so far, a few headaches but I think that’s more from sort of flu I’m developing than any case of missing meat 😛

My parents have never been fans of crawfish. I’m sure it’s like a sin against their Swedish-ness, since crawfish parties are classic Swedish staple in the summer. My childhood is filled with memories of my grandparents returning with large boxes of fresh crawfish from the fishmongers in the industrial area on the island, whilst nearly every party which I was dragged along too usually meant some sort of serving of crawfish, whether as a whole meal, or as part of a larger buffet.


And I love them. I can see why they creep people out  a little, even those who have nothing against seafood anyway. The true way is to pick up a crawfish ,suck at its body to drink the brine, pull the tail away from the body, eat the sludge-y meat inside the head, crack the claws for tiny morsels of flesh, and finally, crack open the shell for those juicy tails. Not the prettiest of meals you’ve ever had.

I guess it’s a bit of an acquired taste, let alone technique! Crawfish have a more particular flavour, I think, and if you pre-buy in Sweden (more common these days, unfortunately), their brine is a taste-tingly mixture of sweet-salt water (and no, as if you wash that flavour away, don’t be a heathen).


And I have rarely seen whole crawfish for sale in the UK, or at least where I’ve been living, so when I was compiling the online food shopping for that week as a treat (and making it easy) for when we got back late from Sweden, I was so excited to see them stocking whole boxes of them from the Swedish section (though I do believe IKEA stock them frozen in some stores if you’re in the UK).

So, I was gonna make my parents lump it, and have them anyway…when I decided to change things up.


I’d seen recipes for crawfish boils, but also many that were Chinese, many of them consisting of the crawfish cooked in a spicy broth. I had bought already cooked crawfish, so I decided to make my broth, and dunk them in at the last minute or so. They still soaked up all the good taste of the broth, but didn’t turn into a spongy mess like when crawfish are typically overcooked.

And…I managed to convince my parents. They weren’t too happy about the mess of eating this dish (if you thought eating crawfish as they are is messy enough, you don’t know enough), but they did say they much preferred eating crawfish this way. Result! 😀

The end broth is earthy and tangy, with a hint of spice in the background that kind of creeps up…delicious. We served it with potato cakes (rosti), and fresh salad. Perfect for late summer evenings. Some crispy toasted sourdough would go well as well…Serves 4 as a light dinner.  Read More