Rosewater and cardamom brownies


I do love brownies. I may not be the biggest super fan of chocolate, but I will probably always say ‘yes’ to a good brownie. Especially the gooey-inside // flaky-outside variety. How could you say no to that?

Then there’s the addition of rosewater chocolate frosting (optional, but tasty) based on a recipe from the Kitchn, and chopped pistachios and rose petals for decoration (again, optional, but also tasty) which essentially makes these brownies into a rather fancy dessert .


This brownie recipe comes from an adaptation of Iambaker’s recipe that mimics that of a boxed brownie mix (you can find the recipe here). It uses cocoa powder, rather than chocolate, but that doesn’t mean dry brownies. In fact, this is probably where oven temperatures and how long you bake the brownies have more impact on making dry brownies than the cocoa powder. Therefore, in this instance, it’s probably better (and tastier!) to be on the side of under-baking your brownies than over-baking brownies, because dry brownies are also sad brownies. Not even frosting can totally make up for sad brownies.

Makes 9 brownies.  Read More


Blood orange sponge loaf with icing and candied oranges


What can I say? It must be one of the prettiest things I’ve ever baked. I am actually so pleased with the result of this cake, mainly because I stand by the fact that I am not the best baker around, but this loaf is incredible. Honestly one of the best cakes ever made, if I throw modesty out the window 😛


This recipe is adapted from the blood orange cake recipe by Annie’s Eats, combined with the lemon loaf recipe from the first book by the Hummingbird Bakery. The result is a delicious firm sponge-loaf cake hybrid, that’s both firm and creamy, and a little more tart than overwhelmingly sweet despite all the sugar syrup, candied fruit and icing–all thanks to those blood oranges.


This recipe takes a little bit of time to make all its components, but the other steps you can mostly make whilst the cake is in the oven, and it keeps really well in a sealed container — I was perfecting this recipe a week ago, and the cake still tastes like new! What a superhero.  Read More