Harissa & rose water chicken wings with spicy mint yoghurt dip


My family just loves wings. Partly because they’re usually pretty quick and easy, unless you’re going down the fried route (and even that doesn’t necessarily take too long), but mostly because they’re delicious of course. If you’re a person who hates eating meat on the bone, then there might be a problem. But in my opinion, you should try and change that hatred, cause so far you’re actually doing yourself a disfavour and missing out big time.


These wings are an awesome combo of spicy, sweet and sticky. The rose water is mild, like a slight afternote, so there’s no soapy flavour here at all. If it really messes with your mind to have rose water in this dish, leave it out, I guess…though I do recommend you give it a go, just the once.

Serves 2-3, as a light lunch
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Crispy Fish Tacos

I mean, do I even need to say anything? Oh, maybe only that I guess technically these are fajitas. But fish tacos sounds better. So with fish tacos we will stick, and we should, because they’re pretty damn delicious. Fajitas are pretty perfect entertaining food because if you bar the mess factor (which, let’s face it, we’ve all had that salsa run down our arm before. Wear it like a badge of honour…and then sneakily wipe it off), it’s perfect because everyone can pick and mix and choose what they want, e.g. I hate raw tomatoes and peppers, so I avoid putting them into the soft wrap of amazingness. Fish might not always go down so well with the kids, (or people in general, I’ve learned!) but these are battered and fried, so they’re not exactly healthy but it might help convince a few wraps to go down to some people’s stomachs a bit easier…

I’m not gonna say much more actually, other than you should totally make this. I happened to make some prawns alongside, dipped in the same batter and fried (without shell, bar the tail) to add, but it’s not really necessary.

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