Gochujang chicken wings with sesame quick pickled cucumbers


Does my blog need yet another chicken wing recipe? Admittedly, the answer’s probably no, but here we are. These recipes are quick, easy and the results are delicious, and this one’s no exception–pop the into the oven, make the easy gochujang-based sauce whilst the wings cook, and then gobble them up. So what more could you ask for really?

These wings are somewhat spicy, sightly tangy, and we chose to serve them as they are with just a quick sesame cucumber pickle, to take the edge off that heat.

Feeds 2 for a quick & light lunch. Serve up with some rice if you want to bulk it up a bit. Read More


Blackberry & Dark Chocolate Crumble Pots


I absolutely love apple crumble, but recently, on at least 3 occasions I’ve last had it, it’s been a disappointment. One was soggy, one had barely any apple to be found and the other had a strange after-taste as well as the charming texture of baby food. Lovely.

Thoughts about making some sort of cobbler/crumble dish had been floating around in my head for some time now, but I didn’t want to make a massive pie dish for a minimum eight people when there’s only 3 of us in the household. Sure, you can divide, but I always think there’s a reason for the quantities used, so that flavours develop properly.

But! Then, we had these little desserts from our fancier supermarket around, which left us with these one-portion ceramic pots that the packaging encourage you to re-use or recycle. They were adorable, and came in multiple colours depending on the dessert in them. Thus, armed with some money, I went back to the store and bought one colour of each, shared the desserts with my parents, and then washed them for my new collection of adorable pastel pots! Dessert and a free dessert dish? I think more supermarket products should be like that! 🙂


Blackberries are my father’s favourite fruit, after the number one; cloudberries, which are pretty hard to get a hold of around here when we’re not in Sweden, so I made this as a sweet substitute. I’d forgotten how much I loved blackberries, and a local farm shop had some beautiful punnets of them for sale, picked that day.

At that point, I got googling, and found out the wonderful combination of blackberries and chocolate, which I thought sounded lovely (even as a person who really doesn’t get all that fussed about chocolate *sins*). I changed it up by adding lime juice and dark chocolate, which makes the dessert a little more rich, rather than sweet.


Our berries were a wonderful mix of sweet and tart; just how we like them, but depending on your measure for how tart/sweet you like your berries, adjust the sugar in this recipe accordingly.


They came out a little messy, unfortunately, since the recipe bubbled over, and the fruit juice hardened into a delicious, slightly sticky sauce that, despite my scrubbing for the photos, didn’t come out (but no fear, with some soap and a soak in hot water, it went away!) but I couldn’t not share this with you all. A little lactose-free cream topped over, and it was a deliciously naughty little treat for a warm summer evening.

Makes 8 small pots Read More